Total and Custom Document Solutions

If a business isn't careful there are numerous ways money can be wasted unnecessarily. Some of the contributing factors to this are devices you don't need any longer, resources being wasted, inefficient hardware, printer issues or time lost dealing with different suppliers and vendors.

Workplace Essentials is helping clients in businesses of all sizes by providing total and custom document solutions. We start by doing a careful analysis of your company structure and needs before creating a program that will target your various challenges resulting in substantial cost reductions and benefits for administration.

The total or custom document solution can help with the following:

  • Simplifying supplies - making sure consumables are available when staff needs them.
  • Reducing stress - doing things like having one point of contact for new hardware or maintenance and arranging what you need for any brand of printer or multifunctional device.   
  • Optimizing services - organizing your document environment to make things work more smoothly and efficiently through conducting cost control and monitoring for irregularities or maintenance requirements.
  • Working effectively - identifying hidden costs and savings, while also analyzing your current set up, process efficiency and the resulting costs.
  • Reducing waste - Step by step we'll describe your output environmnent's weak points, produce solutions and open up your savings potential.

There are numerous benefits to using one of these solutions such as more productive and motivated employees, cost transparency that could result in up to 30% savings, protection of data and documents and much more.

For more information about the Kyocera document solutions we use click here.

At Workplace Essentials we also recognize the amount of time emailing and documents and files can take. Through the use of Sharpdesk Mobile and we take advantage of your mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones and applications such as DropBox and Evernote to move files.

It is also great for people who:

  • Work outside of the office or
  • In groups

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