Document Management

The flow of documentation in your office can require a certain brand of management. They all flow differently and sometimes only certain people are allowed to see them, while the rest of your staff isn't supposed to.

In the past document management of this time required a filing system under lock and key. The management of these documents these days is more advanced requiring a virtual lockdown. This can be in the cloud or on a server.

This isn't only a problem for large companies, sometimes the smaller- and medium-sized companies need it to. One of our solutions we offer to our clients is the Kyocera software platform HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions). It can expand what your multi-function printer is capable of by using touch-screen operations to help with your unique workflow needs. Benefits are seen at all levels of the organization.

For business managers and CFOs:

  • The MFP technologies become aligned with the goals of your business meeting the urgent needs and making sure your return on investment is swift.
  • Adds security to the intellectual property and meets and complies with mandates.
  • Low cost to implement because HyPAS business apps often don't require buying server hardware and software.

For IT staff:

  • Existing infrastructure, apps and databases are leveraged
  • It's scalable and the MFP can adapt to the changes in workflow and the network environment.
  • Maintains control over the device, document, and integrity and security of the network.
  • Visibility into the trends and usage see improvements and there is also better management of workflow across an enterprise.

For the end user:

  • Usability is superior because of the one-touch scanning operations, the icons are intuitive, use of buttons and the form-field speed job completion.
  • Workgroup productivity and efficiency enhancements and user engagement because of a familiar control panel
  • The facilitation of information sharing and collaboration that is local and global.

Other Business Applications include:

  • SmartScan
  • Print&Follow SE
  • PinPoint Scan
  • Language Select
  • SmartFax
  • QuickPrint
  • CloudConnect
  • ColourControl

PinPoint Scan

Personal scanning with PinPoint ScanThe HyPAS Application to speed up your scan workflows Our HyPAS application Pinpoint Scan makes scanning at your MFP more comfortable than ever. Once you have logged in at the device, the MFP connects to your PC and displays the scan destinations you previously defined: a folder, your email address or an application supporting PDF files.
You can also browse the folders of your PC directly from the control panel of the MFP. The scanned data undergoes SSL encryption before being sent from the MFP to ensure its security during the whole scanning process.

DMConnect delivers flexible document capture with a highly scalable infrastructure, configuration flexibility, and the ease of use necessary to implement everything from simple to more complex workflows. The application offers many productivity features, including barcode routing to distribute and store documents quickly and accurately. Once processing is complete, the documents and attached metadata can be distributed to multiple destinations simultaneously, based on your specific workflows. Document enhancement is also offered through the application’s optical character recognition (OCR), blank page removal and Bates editing features. And for added security, administrators can restrict user groups from accessing documents through DMConnect’s Active Directory integration.

Sharpdesk software is an easy-to-use desktop-based, personal document management application that lets users browse, edit, search, compose, process and forward scanned and native electronic documents. It enables the creation and distribution of proposals, reports and more with the ease of drag and drop operation. Simply drag and drop your files onto Sharpdesk software’s work area and you'll be able to browse through them in a single window. Each file type can be displayed as a thumbnail for quick visual location and identification of a document. Over 200 types of files, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPEG and BMP, are supported.

With Sharpdesk Composer, you can combine different file types (image, PDF, MS Office files, etc) into a single document through simple drag-and-drop operation. The 'Convert by OCR' function on the Sharpdesk Output Zone provides the ability to convert image files and image PDFs into searchable PDFs and various MS Office file formats to edit content.

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